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Why Offshore?

Offshoring offers significant advantages, including cost savings, access to a global talent pool, and the ability to scale quickly. By leveraging an Offshore Development Center (ODC), companies can reduce overhead expenses and avoid the time-consuming process of local hiring. This strategic approach also allows businesses to focus on their core activities while their offshore team handles specialized tasks, ensuring high-quality deliverables and efficient project management.

How to Adapt to Local Issues in Belarus

Adapting to local issues in Belarus involves understanding and navigating the country’s regulatory, cultural, and operational landscape. Our experienced team provides comprehensive support, ensuring compliance with local laws and regulations. We also facilitate seamless communication and collaboration by bridging cultural gaps and implementing best practices. This proactive approach minimizes potential disruptions and maximizes the efficiency and productivity of your offshore development team.

We Adapt to Your Needs

Our Offshore Development Center is designed to be flexible and responsive to your specific requirements. Whether you need a fully managed team or additional support for your in-house staff, we tailor our services to fit your unique business goals. By aligning our operations with your strategic objectives, we ensure that your offshore team integrates seamlessly with your existing processes, delivering the results you need to stay competitive and drive growth.

IT offshoring Belarus
ODC in Belarus
IT centre Belarus

No Problems with Working from Belarus with EOR

With Employer of Record (EOR) services, working from Belarus is hassle-free and straightforward. EOR manages all employment responsibilities, including compliance with local labor laws, payroll, taxes, and benefits administration. This allows you to focus on your core business while we handle the complexities of local employment. Our expertise in Belarusian regulations ensures smooth and efficient operations, mitigating risks and ensuring legal compliance.

We will Cover Your Back with Payroll, Payments, and  Accounting

Managing payroll, payments, and accounting can be challenging, especially in an offshore setting. Our comprehensive support services ensure that all financial operations are handled efficiently and accurately. We manage everything from salary disbursement and tax compliance to benefits administration and financial reporting. By entrusting us with these critical tasks, you can rest assured that your offshore team’s financial matters are in expert hands, allowing you to focus on strategic business activities.

How to Set Up an Offshore Development Center

1. Establish Project Scope and Budget

Define your project’s objectives, deliverables, and financial plan to guide the ODC setup effectively, ensuring all requirements are met.

2. Choose a Suitable Model for Your Business

Select the ODC model that best aligns with your business needs, operational strategy, and scalability goals for optimal performance.

3. Research Potential ODC Partners

Evaluate and select reputable ODC partners with proven expertise, strong portfolios, and positive client reviews to ensure reliability.

4. Study the ODC’s Country Regulations

Understand and comply with the legal and regulatory requirements of the chosen country to avoid any operational or legal issues.

5. Register Your ODC to Work Legally

Complete all necessary legal registrations and formalities for your offshore development center to operate smoothly and legally.

6. Handle Management and Infrastructure Needs

Set up the required infrastructure, including technology, workspace, and communication tools, while establishing effective management.

7. Create the Remote Team

Recruit and onboard skilled professionals to form your dedicated remote team, ensuring they align with your project’s needs and company culture.

8. Build Your Brand

Integrate your company’s culture, values, and branding into the Offshore Development Center to create a cohesive identity and strong brand presence.

9. Monitor the Project and Ensure Constancy

Continuously track project progress, ensuring alignment with goals and maintaining performance through regular reviews.

We are the leading agency for PEO services, payroll and personnel management.

Offshore Development Center Models

Dedicated Team Model

Dedicated Team Model

A dedicated team exclusively works on your projects, providing ongoing support and aligning with your business goals.
Project-Based Model

Project-Based Model

Teams are assembled for specific projects, offering flexibility and focused expertise for short-term or one-time tasks.
Hybrid Model

Hybrid Model

Combines dedicated teams and project-based resources, ensuring flexibility and scalability to meet diverse business needs.
BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer)

BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer)

The ODC is built and operated by a partner, then transferred to you once it’s fully functional and stable.

You can hire developers for your ODC

Why hire us

Top Recruitment Team

Top Recruitment Team

Our expert recruitment team sources top talent, ensuring you get the best developers for your projects.
Work Locally and Globally

Work Locally and Globally

We offer seamless integration of local and global teams, providing flexible solutions to meet your business needs.
Clear Communication

Clear Communication

We prioritize transparency with regular updates and clear communication to keep you informed at every project stage.
Positive Testimonials from Clients

Positive Testimonials from Clients

Our clients consistently praise our services, highlighting our reliability, expertise, and exceptional results.
EOR in Belarus

EOR in Belarus

We handle all employment responsibilities in Belarus, ensuring full compliance with local labor laws and regulations.
Payroll in Belarus

Payroll in Belarus

Our efficient payroll services in Belarus manage all salary disbursements, taxes, and benefits accurately and on time.


What is an Offshore Development Center?

An Offshore Development Center (ODC) is a dedicated team of software developers located in a foreign country, established to handle a company’s software development needs. This model allows businesses to leverage cost efficiencies, access a global talent pool, and focus on core activities while the offshore team handles the development work. The ODC operates as an extension of the parent company, aligning with its goals and culture to ensure seamless integration and high-quality deliverables.

What are the advantages of ODC?

Cost Reduction

Significantly lower operational and labor costs compared to onshore development, maximizing your budget efficiency.

Cheaper Facilities

Enjoy reduced expenses for office space, utilities, and other infrastructure needs, making operations more affordable.

Large Team with a Different Set of Skills

Access a diverse team with various skill sets to handle multiple aspects of your project effectively.

Access to the Talent Pool

Tap into a vast pool of skilled professionals not readily available locally, adding up to the project quality.

Improving Confidentiality

Benefit from enhanced data security and protection measures, safeguarding your sensitive information.

Product Localization

Develop products tailored to local markets, improving market penetration and customer acceptance.

Dedicated to Your Business

Teams exclusively focused on your projects, guaranteeing alignment with your specific business goals and needs.

Flexible and Scalable

Easily adjust team size and resources based on project demands, ensuring flexibility and scalability.

Tailored to Your Needs

Receive custom solutions designed to meet your specific business requirements and objectives precisely.

Access to the Global Talent Pool

Leverage international expertise to bring innovative solutions and fresh perspectives to your projects.

Full Control Over Every Aspect

Maintain oversight and control over project management, development processes, and outputs for optimal results.

How to Set Up and Manage an Offshore Development Center?

Setting up and managing an ODC involves several key steps:

  1. Establish Project Scope and Budget.
  2. Choose a Suitable Model.
  3. Research Potential ODC Partners.
  4. Study the ODC’s Country Regulations.
  5. Register Your ODC.
  6. Handle Management and Infrastructure Needs.
  7. Create the Remote Team.
  8. Build Your Brand.
  9. Monitor the Project and Ensure Constancy.

Effective management involves regular communication, clear goal-setting, performance tracking, and fostering a collaborative team environment.

Key Members in Any Offshore Software Development Center

An ODC typically includes a diverse set of roles:

  1. Project Managers: Oversee project execution, ensuring timelines and objectives are met.
  2. Developers: Specialized in various areas such as Web3, frontend, backend, fullstack, iOS, Android, and mobile development.
  3. Quality Assurance (QA) Specialists: Ensure software meets quality standards and is free of defects.
  4. Top Management: Senior leaders who provide strategic direction and oversight.
  5. Human Resources: Manage recruitment, onboarding, and employee relations.
  6. Administrative Staff: Handle day-to-day operations and logistics.
How to Navigate Challenges and Risks?

Navigating challenges and risks in an ODC involves:

  1. Cultural Differences: Foster cultural awareness and sensitivity through training and team-building activities.
  2. Communication Barriers: Utilize robust communication tools and establish clear communication protocols.
  3. Legal and Compliance Issues: Ensure thorough understanding and compliance with local laws and regulations.
  4. Quality Control: Implement strict quality assurance processes and regular performance reviews.
  5. Data Security: Use advanced security measures and protocols to protect sensitive information.
  6. Remote Team Management: Maintain regular contact, set clear expectations, and use project management tools to keep track of progress.
How Much Does It Cost to Set Up and Maintain an ODC?

The cost of setting up and maintaining an ODC can vary based on several factors, including location, team size, infrastructure needs, and the complexity of the projects. Generally, costs include:

  1. Initial Setup: Legal registrations, office space, equipment, and infrastructure setup.
  2. Recruitment and Onboarding: Hiring and training costs for the team.
  3. Operational Costs: Salaries, utilities, software licenses, and ongoing management expenses.
  4. Compliance and Legal Fees: Costs associated with adhering to local laws and regulations.

Despite these expenses, ODCs offer significant cost savings compared to onshore development, especially in terms of labor costs.

How to Launch an ODC in Belarus?

Launching an ODC in Belarus involves:

  1. Research: Understand the local market, regulations, and labor laws.
  2. Partner Selection: Choose a reputable local partner to assist with setup and operations.
  3. Legal Compliance: Register your ODC and comply with Belarusian laws.
  4. Infrastructure Setup: Establish office space, technology, and communication tools.
  5. Recruitment: Hire skilled professionals through local recruitment agencies or your partner.

Onboarding and Training: Integrate new hires into your company culture and train them on project requirements.

Can I Use EOR, PEO, and Payroll Services in Belarus?

Yes, you can use Employer of Record (EOR), Professional Employer Organization (PEO), and payroll services in Belarus to streamline operations. EOR services manage all employment responsibilities, ensuring compliance with local labor laws. PEO services handle HR functions, allowing you to focus on core business activities. Payroll services manage salary disbursements, taxes, and benefits, ensuring timely and accurate payments. These services simplify the process of managing an offshore team, reducing administrative burdens and ensuring legal compliance.

What are the Benefits of Using EOR Services?

Using EOR services allows you to focus on your core business activities while the EOR handles employment-related responsibilities, ensuring compliance with local labor laws and reducing administrative burdens.

How Do I Ensure Quality and Performance in My ODC?

Implement regular performance reviews, set clear goals and expectations, use project management tools to track progress, and maintain open communication channels to ensure quality and performance.

What Are the Common Challenges of Managing an ODC?

Common challenges include cultural differences, communication barriers, legal and compliance issues, quality control, data security, and managing a remote team. Addressing these proactively can mitigate their impact.

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