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How to prepare for Interview in IT
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09 May   John D.  
How to prepare for an interview in IT Belarus

How to prepare for Interview in IT

We pay a lot of attention to our work and spend a lot of time in the workplace. An average…

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We pay a lot of attention to our work and spend a lot of time in the workplace. An average of 10 years over a lifetime! That’s a huge number! So comfort and enjoyment are important. But if you don’t like your employer or your job? What to do? Look for new opportunities!

The first stage of a new life is the job interview. We will select the most useful tips for job seekers. How to prepare for an interview?

How to prepare for an interview?

Finding a job can be a tedious process. Almost every adult citizen has faced this task at least once. And sometimes many times. It’s not just finding the right job that is necessary. No. Every job seeker wants to find comfort: financial, psychological, logistical comfort, professional prospects, and so on. It is a set of opportunities. But to realize them you need to spend a lot of time and effort: create a resume, find a suitable position, send it, and wait for feedback. And finally, these efforts bring the result: you are invited to an interview. How to make the necessary impression? How to prepare for an interview preparation? What pitfalls can you expect? We provide TOP 20 recommendations for successful job applicants.

Carefully examine the job description

Of course, this should be your priority. You should understand your strengths, and evaluate your experience and knowledge. And, of course, it all has to fit the job description. You are called a professional, as someone who shares an interest in this field. You must meet the employer’s expectations to some extent. Even if you are in a difficult position and ready for any job, be honest with your employer and balance your abilities and desires.

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Consider why you are interviewing and your qualifications

Your background is what the employer is paying for. Experience and education play a major role, they are your identification card. After all, the HR department employee first gets acquainted with your data and assesses its relevance to the company’s needs. And only then do your personal qualities come into play.

Research the product or service

This is the “gold standard of the candidate”. Please, always pay attention to the product or service provided by the potential employer. On the one hand, this is basic courtesy. You want to join a team, so make sure you get acquainted with it. On the other hand – this is your chance to show your best qualities. During the interview, you can talk about your usefulness to the company, and share relevant experience. Another life hack is a small product/service audit. Depending on the position you are applying for, offer your insights on professional challenges or vulnerabilities in the service. This is great evidence of your qualifications and seriousness of intent.

Research the company culture

Imagine the situation: you are a freelance marketer who likes to get up in the afternoon, meditate, have breakfast on the veranda, and leisurely put on your casual suit. And then give out 100% original ideas and creativity. But if your potential workplace will require a business style of dressing, early rising, and arriving on time without tardiness? Do you think you would be comfortable in such a job? Would you be able to realize your strengths and become part of a team? That’s right. That’s why we advise you to familiarize yourself with the corporate culture so that you don’t waste your energy.

Consider your answers to common interview questions

The initial interview reveals general information and allows you to evaluate the company. Therefore, this stage often consists of standard questions:

  • What did you do at your last job?
  • Why do you want to change jobs?
  • Tell us about your accomplishments.
  • Tell us about yourself.
  • What difficulties did you encounter in your job? And so on.

You can anticipate these simple questions and think of your answers in advance. This will allow you to be focused during the interview, not to panic, and most importantly – to give an interesting thoughtful answer that shows your best sides.

Practice your speaking voice and body language

A job interview is a kind of stand-up, your performance in front of a small, unfamiliar audience. For many people, this event will be a micro-stressor. And in stress, everything happens: your voice shakes, nervous habits manifest themselves, there may be unnecessary articulation, and so on. Work through these options ahead of time. Practice your speech, watch how your body reacts. This way your body will prepare for the interview and understand how to behave.

Preparation Before the IT Interview in Belarus

Prepare thoughtful questions for the interviewer

Everyone likes feedback. And it is also important for the interviewer. During interview preparation, think through your questions to the company representative. What do you want to know about the business? What clarifications about the professional responsibilities you might have? This will show your real interest and commitment to the job.

Conduct mock interviews

How do you react to new developments? It is possible that excitement will hurt your confidence and you may regret the missed opportunity. Conduct mock interviews in advance. It’s a great mental and mood workout before the interview. Practicing in any field is good for you.

Print hard copies of your resume

There may be different situations and different meetings during the interview. It will be helpful if you have a printed CV on hand. A printed CV is also your cheat sheet, which will help you to talk about your experience and education in a structured way.

Prepare your travel arrangements

The interview is an important stage of your life. The scenario of the new job completely depends on it. Therefore, prepare all documents in advance, including preparing your travel arrangements. This will help you to stay focused and stay on target on X day.

Sell yourself

We’re not floating in the clouds. Employee-worker relationships are truly market-based. You possess the goods: knowledge and experience. The employer possesses the means: your salary budget. There is no reason to play a different role. Sell yourself, don’t be afraid! After all, you want the job, pursue your goal!

Get ready to follow up after the interview

The first stage has been passed. What’s next? Your actions depend on the specifics of the future job and the employer’s approach. You may need to prepare for the next stage. You may be asked to provide original documents, send a test assignment, or ask for a medical certificate. You should be prepared for this scenario.

Dress appropriately

Consider your appearance during the interview. Clothing should not make you uncomfortable or distract you from the conversation. Dress appropriately to the company’s corporate policy is important. Make the appropriate appearance for the situation. In addition, no one canceled the rule of first impression. It can be created only once. Don’t mess up!

Bring a copy of your resume

Consider the importance of copies of your documents, and resume. Bring the necessary documents with you.

Remote interview? Check your equipment and find a quiet place

How to prepare for a remote interview? Everything is simple: follow the same tips as in a normal interview: appearance, resume, preparation, and so on. But there is one difference: communication with the HR department will be via computer. And that means you need to ensure the quality of that communication. Check the availability of applications for negotiations: Skype, Zoom, Telegram, etc. Test sound and headphones. Ensure that your WiFi supply is uninterrupted. It’s inappropriate to be late for an interview, even an interview remote. And technical support will help to be exactly at the appointed time.

It’s also helpful to have a quiet place to talk. You should not be distracted by extraneous sounds and visual noise.

Relax, you came prepared

Your confidence is your trump card! Praise yourself: you have already done a great job. Your experience and knowledge are interesting and in demand. You have prepared for the conversation and are ready to present your interests with dignity. That means you are fully prepared! Relax! And try to enjoy the process and the new experience.

Smile and be nice

Smiling is disarming. And it works even in interviews. Be open to dialog and positive. Don’t worry, because even rejection is not the end of the world. It’s your experience. Enjoy this experience, socializing with new people. And of course, be nice in communication.

Be honest

We all sometimes want to embellish our achievements and victories a bit. But you should not get carried away and tell lies. It is fashionable to write a lot of interesting things in your resume, and even make it 100% relevant to the vacancy. But who benefits? The employer? No. Finding new employees is expensive, and there’s no point in wasting company resources on people who just don’t fit professionally. Do you feel like you benefit? Uh, no. You’ll also waste your time with a lackluster interview and have an extra sad thought for the evening.

Show interest and passion

“The best job is a hobby you get paid for.” This is the right decision. 

We wishes sincerely every job seeker to feel interest and passion when looking for a job. Enjoy your labor, communication in a team, achieve professional goals, and high results. And this active attitude will be the best advertisement for you as an employee.

Demonstrate your expertise

Of course, be #1 in your field. Do not hesitate to talk about your strengths, and demonstrate expertise in the matter. This is what HPs are looking for, and this is ultimately the essence of a working relationship.

Employee of record

No problems with working with EOR services in Belarus.

Interviewing is an important stage in the life of a modern person. For many, looking for a job is a highly stressful experience that can be difficult to cope with. Perhaps you should turn to professionals? company will help you with accompaniment on the way of employment and registration of all documents. Trust professionals, because experience is the most purchasable product. Use experience to answer the question of how to prepare for an interview and achieve your professional goals.

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