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How to go Through an Interview Successfully
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18 April   John D.  

How to go Through an Interview Successfully

The first stage of your job search is complete. You have received an invitation for an interview. A long-awaited, highly…

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The first stage of your job search is complete. You have received an invitation for an interview. A long-awaited, highly coveted one that brings a lot of hope. Now it is necessary to take this chance. Your whole life depends on the new job: the level of wealth in the family, the possibility of a good vacation, and new real estate investments. Responsible period, right? How to be successful in an interview? What is the key to a successful interview? What tips for a successful interview exist? In our article, we are looking for answers to these questions. We offer the best tips to help you in your job search. What are 20 tips for a successful job interview?

What does “standing out during an interview” mean?

Try taking the position of an HR manager. An HR agent can conduct up to 10 interviews in a day. Especially if the vacancy in the company is “hot” and there is a need to close very quickly. This means that out of 10 candidates you have to choose one person who will meet the requirements. This is very difficult. By the end of the day, the overall picture is not clear, the interviewer may not remember the characteristics of each person, and the impression of the person becomes not so vivid. Take advantage of this circumstance! Become the most noticeable and brightest among 10 applicants! Prepare for the interview in advance to make a good and memorable impression. Let’s look at an example, it will be much clearer.


An enterprise information security software company is in search of a new Business Analyst to do a competitive analysis of the information security segment. The need for an employee is acute, so the HR department is recruiting and interviewing candidates intensively. How to become visible to the employer? First, before the interview, study the product: go to the website, look at social networks, and try the version if available. 

Second, analyze your competitors. At least at the level that is available to you at the moment. Third, offer practical advice on how to improve the company’s position in front of its competitors. Your initiative will be remembered. The company will be sure that you are ready to work, and most importantly, you are friendly to the product and interested in its development.

Another example:

An online store is looking for an active and modern Reelsmaker to promote products on Instagram and TikTok. How can I be successful in an interview? Simple enough. Present your portfolio and a list of the most effective promotions you have done. It will be helpful if your cases already include experience of working with online stores. Emphasize the most effective examples and describe what examples you are proud of. How do you stand out during an interview? Make original and interesting riles. Prove your professional value and effectiveness at your first interview.

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Top 20 tips for a successful interview

Research the company

The most important step in preparing for a successful interview. Research the company, its products, and services, its management team, divisions, and subsidiaries. Research all available information. This will help you make the right conclusions: whether the job is suitable, whether there are prospects for development, and how much the corporate policy suits you.

Carry all the necessary documents

Take all the necessary documents with you: CV in duplicate, ID, diploma of education (bachelor’s or master’s degree), diplomas of additional education, certificates of completion of courses, certificates, etc. These will all confirm experience and education. In addition, you may need these documents to obtain a security clearance from the Department of Security.

Be on time

No lost track of time. Punctuality is your portrait of a good employee. Especially when you first meet someone. And especially when it is important to the employer (in production, in educational institutions, in secure facilities, and so on).

That way they will know that they can count on you in the future. 

Know the interviewer’s name, its spelling, and pronunciation

This is really necessary advice. It is very important to maintain good communication from the first meeting. Especially with a company representative. It is the interviewer (and not the ephemeral, intangible Company) that determines your success in the interview. It is also important to have a phone number, email, or any other source of contact with the contact person just in case. Just in case there are any difficulties or you are still late.

Wear normal clothes

How can I be successful in an interview? Certainly not by looking too extravagant. The first meeting with an employer is not the place to experiment with style. It is enough to look neat, and neutral, and use office style when necessary. Unless, of course, your interview takes place in Miranda Priestly’s office. 

Be well-spoken and articulate

For many people, a job interview is stressful and difficult to cope with. This can affect your speech, or make your thoughts confused. Be master of oneself, be one’s own man. Be calm. Structure your thoughts. Think ahead of time about answers to popular questions. Competent, calm speech makes a positive impression on everyone, including the person you are talking to at work. 

How to go through an IT interview in Belarus successfully.

Showcase your strengths and areas for improvement

 The first interview is primarily a self-presentation. It is an opportunity to talk about your strengths and strengths in your profession. Explain to the interviewer why you are better than other candidates. What professional qualities do you possess best of all? What qualities are you proud of? But do not forget to mention your shortcomings (at least a little). In this way, the presentation will become realistic and lively.

Describe your accomplishments

Of course, you have your professional achievements. Almost everyone has something to be proud of and present with pleasure over the years. Even if you have just finished college or have very little experience. Even the smallest achievement is not superfluous.

Have some questions of your own prepared in advance

Let’s reveal a little secret of HR manager: feedback is important not only for the candidate. Feedback and attention are also important for the company. Collect the most important questions you are interested in about your future job: information about responsibilities, team, development prospects, probability of business trips, and international travel. Discuss everything, literally everything, during the first interview. In this way, you will show your interest in the company and be imprinted in the interviewer’s memory.

Bring several copies of your resume

Of course, your resume has been read before the interview. However, this is no reason not to bring several copies to the interview itself. Keep in mind that a resume should be printed on expensive, heavy paper so that it is pleasant to hold in your hands. You will likely be interviewed by several people, so the more copies you bring with you, the better.

Tell the truth

It’s obvious. Cheating at work will almost always be uncovered, because hiring managers will take a reference from a previous employer, or later when problems arise during the performance of professional duties. You will face unpleasant consequences for your lies. And it’s not just about refusing to hire you. No. The HR agent may share a negative report about your CV in a professional chat room. You may be fired during your probationary period or after it is extended, your salary may be lowered. You will leave on your own because the job is not comfortable, and there are difficulties in performing labor duties. And so on. 

Listen carefully to the interviewer

Also obvious advice. But! Not everyone follows such a simple rule. Stress, lack of experience, poor health, or any other factors affect the attentiveness of Jobseekers. Got to get myself together. Listen up! Listen to the interviewer! 

Be prepared for personal questions

The new employee is completely unknown to the company. Suddenly the corporate culture and the personal qualities of the Jobseeker are incompatible. This should be taken care of in advance in personal questions. Behind such questions, there is a certain meaning – to make the most complete psychological portrait of a person. Experienced HR specialists who know psychology, know that sometimes you can learn much more about the future work of a specialist with the help of such information. Try to answer personal questions in a relaxed manner. But if the information seems too personal, gently change the subject.

Don’t expect a job offer at the first interview

The first interview is just a first meeting, getting to know each other. And not always the first interview ends with a job offer. It is normal practice to have more and more meetings. For example, with the extended HR department, a potential manager, the Security Department, and so on. Be prepared for this scenario. 

Close on a positive, enthusiastic note

It’s important to create a positive impression at the end of the interview. Clarify what other steps will follow after the interview. For example, conducting additional interviews, conducting an experience check and test assignment, or waiting for a final decision. Clarify when to expect a callback or written decision. Most importantly, do it with fun, an open mind, and a positive attitude.

Practice interviewing

Experience is important in many areas. Including during the interview process. Think back to your first meeting with a recruiter. The excitement, the trembling in your knees, the confused speech. With each new interview, you gain experience, you stop feeling so stressed. 

Practice your answers

Check out the top 10 most common interview questions. “Why do you want to work for us?” “Why did you leave your previous job?”, “Where do you see yourself in 5, 10 years?”. Many of the questions are standardized. And you can prepare your answers to them precisely. And even rehearse your speech in front of a mirror. Take a deep breath and be convincing!

Prepare a list of references

Prepare a list of references from previous jobs. These are probably the most valuable documents for employers. After all, they are real references, an indicator of the employee’s performance and expertise.

Be flexible

The fulfillment of labor duties has changed significantly over the last 5 years. The flexible working model is now popular: in schedules, workspace, and even in corporate communication. Therefore, employers are looking for such a mobile, open-minded, and flexible employee. 

The ability to navigate changing circumstances, accept the challenges of everyday life, and cope with unexpected tasks and difficulties is a prerequisite for a dynamic and successful career. Psychological flexibility is required especially in positions where you are expected to work a lot with people and make unconventional decisions. It is this ability that is tested during the interview.

Be patient and ask about the next steps

The best interview in the world is over. You are happy with the result: the conversation was lively and interesting, the company representative shared a lot of new information and left a pleasant impression. What’s next? What actions should you take after the interview? For starters, simply write a “thank you” to the recruiter. You have spent each other’s time, and this is elementary courtesy. Next step: analyze your impressions, and think about whether you liked or disliked the Job offer. Stay in touch, and stay available for feedback from HR by phone, email, and social media. And of course, be patient! 

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The first job interview is a very important stage. It is an introduction to your professional future, company, perspective , and opportunities. It is important to remain neutral and not to spoil the impression of the hiring manager. Here are 5 more useful tips: What not to do after the interview?

  • Stop thinking about the interview process over and over again. There’s nothing you can change already, let the situation go.
  • Don’t go overboard with demanding feedback from HR and a quick Job offer. 
  • Don’t stop looking for a new job, don’t quit your existing job.
  • Don’t advertise on social media about the interview.
  • And again we repeat: Don’t cheat the hiring manager. The truth will win! wishes every job seeker the perfect Job offer. Good luck in your search and read our tips!

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